Stunt show.

A show packed with loads of stunts, surprises and special effects. Experience a day of film world adventure with stun man and film director Lasse Spang Olsen. Have a blast of a day where you get to experience how it is to be in a movie, and learn about tricks and secrets of movie making. Feel the thrill and excitement when it happens. Learn to work as a team in a business where concepts such as goals, concentration and focus are epitome of life and death if you can't trust each other. Get fake blood squirted in your eye, or a bottle broken onto your head, get shot so blood flies everywhere or get behind the scenes and see the buttons that controls the bombs going off at close range  – all this in a super entertaining stunt show which will give you a surprisingly real inside look at the madness from an almost safe distance.

Duration: 45 minutes

Price: DKK 27000,-

Special Effects.

With lots of examples showcasing the magic the tricks behind the scenes are revealed. Lasse Spang Olsen has experiences from around 400 films with special effects and stunts. Examples of scenes before and after they have been worked on by the wizards computers. See actual examples of physical effects from movies and ask and get answers on how the magic is executed on screen.

Duration: 40 minutes

Examples are shown during the lecture. This requires a DVD player with a sound system and a screen of appropriate size.