Corporate manager class.

Corporate manager classes or "collaboration classes", can be configured according to specific needs. They can both be wild and lush with experiences or more serious and demanding. All of the classes are taking on the matter from a new and original angle.

The classes don't necessarily have to be filled with stunts and physical endurance tests. Our work is based on serious educational practices and often with the aid of external specialists and advisors.

In addition to Lasse Spang Olsen, other renowned and certified tutors are present, and by special request the day can be a collaboration between B.S. Christiansen AND Lasse Spang Olsen.

Prices and duration on a case to case basis.

Team building.

Lasse Spang Olsen have since the dawn of 1986 been a keen advocate of developing the awareness of "Team building" in Denmark, and as of now he's now well connected to a huge network throughout the world within this particular concept.

Team Building is a lot of things. There are workshops that focus solely on the collaboration rather than the challenges. Here the training is based on the ability to cooperate in spite of external factors and under circumstances of which are unknown to the trainee.

Then there's the more old fashioned set of challenges where the stress level is higher and the tasks a little tougher. Aside from the well known factions as repelling, different kinds of water sports, obstacles courses and marine corps challenges, we can also offer more specialized challenges and collaboration tests such as:

Obstacle courses in speed boats.

Miscellaneous stunt challenges; Wire pull / Hydrraullic pull for up to 30 meters

Fire stunts


Technical driving

Stunt Driving

Jump from ledges onto an air mattress

and more.

By request the day can be joint between B.S. Christiansen and Lasse Spang Olsen (price will be adjusted accordingly).

The class takes place in Copenhagen. Duration around 3 hours.

Price from DKK500 - DKK1700 per person.

Stuntdays for businesses.

Be a stunt man for a day.

Try to jump 5 stories down onto an air mattress.

How does it feel to be blown up?

Or to be pulled 25 meters – with two somersaults with a wire?

Is it as bad to be run over AND blown up as it looks?

Try it …

Under professional assistance you're guided through a series of those stunts that just until a few years ago were considered dangerous. We utilize the tools and special effect men that are normally used in the world of stunts so everyone can get a taste of the adrenaline rush. This class can be tailor fit after specifications and conditions.

The workshop is without any risk, but should contained to people with normal physical health.

The workshop takes place in Copenhagen. Duration around 3 hours.

Prices from DKK500 - DKK1700 per person.

In the world of movies... about team work.

You start off with a few tag-lines that represent part of your everyday life. In a big company this could be a set of values or ideals. Concepts that employees should know and understand. But has everyone really? What is the meaning of those values exactly? Is everyone able to explain it? And can you work together to find a new and better way to convey them?

There’s a multitude of ways to tell a story. Westerns have long extenuated scenes in a wide format with brief dialogue. A silent movie is rough and consists of wide shots and few scenes ... WITHOUT any dialogue at all. A dogma movie can’t be edited, and no effects can be added as well as music or sound. A commercial has high production value and has to get its message across within 30 seconds.

Each group consist of 5 members with specific tasks. The movie has to be written, actors have to act, it has to be shot and edited. Go do it!

This workshop is especially popular as full day events, where we end off with a dinner for everyone. The movies that people worked on will be shown and a jury of judges will evaluate the results. We provide the equipment, props, costumes, experts and consultants in every imaginable field and will guide you throughout the day and answer any technical question you may have. Also editing equipment, sound and music and professional editors are available.

The workshop can consist of 250 participants at a time.

Duration 1 whole day. Prices (excluding dinner) - from DKK500 – DKK1700 per person.